Meet the Art
The Ministry of Culture deals with issues of culture and art. The goals and objectives of the ministry are to summarize, collect, preserve and popularize the accumulated cultural experience of the country.
Project goals
Nowadays museums need to become more & more competitive compared to entertainment media like movies & games with huge budgets & millions of best creative people on board. 
From other side museum visitors need to learn about exhibits in an interactive way like they do it in Internet.
Each museum has thousands of exhibits and each masterpiece is unique. And each picture or other object can become a unique code for recognition. Data stack and companies developed an augmented reality application for museums, which users simply need to install on their phone. Visitors open the application, direct, for example, to a picture and see information tags with an audio guide or interesting facts about the picture.
In order for this to work as a platform in all museums we have developed a convenient content management system. The staff of the museums created their content; it went to the cloud and immediately appears on the phone of the user.

Project development
Project started in 2015 from very small prototype developed for Grabar art restoration center using unity3d game engine and Vuforia AR SDK. It was very successful little project with very good feedback from visitors and press. Also this project received Special Prize at Intermuseum 2016 competition.
At the next step development of full functional platform was started. The main goal of this project was creating platform for museums where museum staff can produce their own exhibitions using AR technologies.
We have created one of the largest projects in the world with augmented reality for museums. Several dozens of major museums have already joined the project, and this figure continues to grow. More then 300 exhibitions support ARtefact.
But the main thing is that museums are no longer associated with silent paintings, now they give visitors an interesting and interactive experience of interaction with art.
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